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Build and Capture Task Sequence

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Hello all.  Time for one of my first posts with my real world deployment problems.  One of the things that I struggled with in my deployments is image updates.  I would image a system on a VM using MDT, make my updates manually, take a snapshot, then start a capture task sequence.

What a pain.

After finding some time, I was determined to make this simpler.  I ignored our legacy deployments (Server 2003), and went for only 2008 R2+ deployments.  What I came up with, was integrating as much base Microsoft components as possible.  Being server deployments, I plan on as thin of an image as possible for less attack vectors on a completed and production system.

Below is my completed image build task sequence.  There are no OS or Registry customizations done inside the build.  Everything is done afterwards in case we find a major issue with some entry we are creating (or Microsoft finds it).


You’ll notice that I left most of the base Imaging steps from a base Server.xml Task Sequence template.

I use Windows Update (via a WSUS auto-authorized system) to automatically update.  Doing this allows only needed updates to be installed (thus eliminating the “superseded” updates from applying and being unnecessary.  This slims down the dreaded WINSXS folder as there is no cleanup for it like there is in Windows 7.

That’s all for now.


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December 19, 2013 at 3:39 AM

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